Top 5 tricks to get more space at home

There is always a time when we feel our home is not big enough to contain all our stuff.

We are sure you tried to remove all the clutter several times, just to find out 95% of your belongings needs to be kept either for sentimental or utility value, but if you cannot remove objects, the only alternative is creating more space. There are a lot of ways to do so, but not all of them are permanent solutions, so we found five tricks you will love that will allow you to make real space, instead of changing the way you use it.

Install fitted furniture

What if you could open the wall and have space you can use inside it? That is exactly what you can get with fitted furniture. You can use wall cavities and make a cabinet or a wardrobe out of it, or you can think about a total refurbishment of part of your home. The cons of this practice are the difficulty of the works and the fact that you will not be able to move the spaces you just created.

Fitted furniture is great for minimal design, but can make maintenance and renovations quite hard. You will need to carefully think about this option, very convenient, but also very tricky.

Create a mezzanine level

Although this is not possible in flats located in tall buildings, houses and flats in classic detached, semi-detached, and terraced houses are higher than modern apartments.

This means you have a lot of space under the ceiling that is not going to be used, and with all the space you need, it is a pity!

A good solution would be the creation of a mezzanine level, accessible with a small staircase. It is the best way to exploit the height of your home and create tons of space.

Make a loft conversion

We talked about loft conversions recently, but we did not mention how good they are to make more space in your home.

The loft is often used as a storage for some old stuff, but it can become an extra room with the right modifications: if you build a mansard, you can make an extra bedroom out of it, or you can just install some Velux dormers and it can be a domestic office, or a quiet lounge with a balcony, if you open it. Whatever the purpose, the important thing is that you can gain some space downstairs.

Make a basement conversion

Another space that can be used to create an extra room in the house is the basement. We gave some basement conversion ideas a few weeks ago, with the office and bedroom options still being the best ones, as they can increase the value of your home on the market.

The alternative is making the basement a room in which you put all the large appliances, such as the washing machine, tumble dryer, the heat pump, and so on.

Even if you want to set up a snug room, it means you can move some furniture from upper floors, which means creating more space.

Create an external storage space

If you have a garden and you are not taking care of what you plant in it, there are good chances you are wasting a significant amount of space, which could be used for an external cabinet for bycicles, tools, and other stuff rarely used. There are a lot of ideas that do not take much space, so you can still enjoy a sunny day sitting on your bench or beach chair.

What do you think of these five ideas? How would you get more space at home?