Sutherland Quarters refurbishment and completion

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Sutherland Quarters refurbishment and completion

About a year ago, we completed a demolition project at Sutherland House, splitting a large office building in two parts, with the demolition of the link bridge and a new façade. After that, we started working on the refurbishment and conversion into houses of the part of the original building owned by our client. 136 flats were built: 25 studio flats, 14 one bedroom flats, and 97 two bedroom flats.

We began the refurbishment works with an assessment of the main critical issues, in order to optimise our intervention. The main issue was that the original building was developed across different periods, in fact, the height of the slabs was not the same in every point, which made things a bit more complicated during the planning phase, as we had to level every part of the building.

The structure

We found the original metal structure very solid, and our client wanted to keep it. Metallic structures adoption for buildings will become more and more frequent in the future, because of its lower costs and its better sustainability. If you are interested, in another post, we discussed about the advantages of steel homes, describing the low impact they could have on the environment and how versatile they are when it comes to substantial changes like an expansion.

Although we did not touch the existing structure, we had to remove all the walls, as they had to be adapted to the new design.

The roof

The old roof contained asbestos, so we carefully removed it and totally upgraded the top of the building. The installation of a modern and more efficient insulation system was the main work we did up there, but we also installed new dormers for the flats on top floor.

The old roof would not have been adequated to the needs of our client and those of the future tenants and homeowners.

Other interventions

The drainage system was not outdated, nor it was damaged, but just inadequate for the needs of a housing complex, so we just made some adaptations to the existing drainage system.

As we mentioned above, we removed all the asbestos components. It was not so easy, because of the size of the building and the still-working adjacent building, but we managed to remove all of it correctly with extra care for health & safety.

The ground floor had its walls stripped out and re-built in compliance with the new interior design, a complete re-decoration inside and outside of the building followed. We also dealt with general fixing to the façade because of the demolition of the bridge we mentioned above and some old damages.

We installed a totally new floor using new materials and adopting a new design. With the works on the floor, we also built internal stairs in twenty-five flats planned to be duplex flats.

Sutherland Quarters

Mechanical and electrical works were another key phase of the refurbishment, the moment when the offices finally became homes, and it was completed with the installation of new kitchens, new windows, and new bathrooms.

We also took safety into account, with the installation of a fire protection system, with a fire alarm and emergency lights throughout the building.

After a year of works, Sutherland Quarters residential complex is now ready! You can find other details in our portfolio.