One of our main duties as a contractor is to make sure everyone works in a safe environment and all the risks are minimised. There are a lot of hazards on a construction site, and we must ensure health and safety for all those who work, visit, and clean the area. Obviously, health & safety practices and procedures are also in place in our offices.

The current legislation surely helps us in this task, with useful indications and guidelines, but we also apply internal rules for an extra layer of safety. We enforce current legislation and regulations to our site workers, office employees, subcontractors, self-employed workers, delivery drivers, and maintenance technicians and engineers.

We think it is vital that all emergency procedures are clear for everyone, so every sign and procedure is translated in Italian, Romanian, Albanian, and Bulgarian (basically all the languages spoken by our team) and we update them with new translations when needed.

Whatever the project we work on (residential, retail, commercial), our Health & Safety manager ensures high standards are in place, agreeing methods and procedures with our clients’ advisors and other professionals.

Health & Safety is important for everyone, and everyone works on it.

Our Health & Safety Manager compiles and implements all Health & Safety documentation for construction projects and occupational health for employees at our head office. Key documents are:

  • Construction Phase H&S Plan;
  • Site Logistical Plan;
  • Fire Plans;
  • Health Surveillance;
  • Pre-construction information;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Method Statement;
  • Contractors Behavioural Safety Observations.

We put in place monthly H&S inspections and all the tools and plant machinery we use every day, are also inspected daily. Insurances are stipulated for every project and the policies are regularly reviewed and renewed.

We know Health & Safety is not just about people, but environment too, so we work to reduce the impact of our works on the surrounding environment, and we are keen on trying new procedures and machineries, if they help us to keep the environment clean and safe.

All our procedures are designed and optimised to reduce waste and emissions, recycling everything we can and using renewable energy sources when possible.

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