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Our Services

What do we do at EMD Group? How can we help you? Here is a complete presentation of the services we offer as a construction company in London, all of them come with the experience and reliability EMD operators carry with them.

Main activities


Demolishing a building to make room for another one or keeping the outer structure? Whatever you decide, we can do both.

Health & Safety

All our projects are accomplished according to the current laws on health and safety, assuring them for both our workers and the final user of the building.


A touch of personality is something every building should have. We can do so thanks to our specialists who will take care of the decorations that will make your building unique.


Properties require a lot of attention: everything must be fully working, law-compliant and in a good status. We can check that everything is fine and fix what is not.

Medical Gas

We can install a medical gas supply system to buildings that require one like hospitals and healthcare facilities.


We analyse, design, build and maintain mechanical systems involving machinery and any backend system they need in order to work properly.


Almost every structure needs running water. We can make sure a building has access to water supply and that the line works smoothly and is environment-friendly.


Air circulation is an important aspect, especially in big projects. Part of our job is making sure that all areas of the building are correctly ventilated.


We can plan and make an efficient electricity supply line for a building or renovate old electricity systems to make them more economical and law-compliant.


Modern technologies allow us to create efficient heating system and limit consumptions, making it cheaper and safe for the environment.

Design & Consultancy

Concept Design

Our architects design the appearance of a building according to the function it is designed for and the urban context that surrounds it.


What is the best course of action to follow in order to accomplish a specific project? What are the best techniques we can use? Our consultants can take care of it.


We can submit a bid on a project we can manage or take in charge and give an estimate of the costs and the material requirements.


Energy certifications are mandatory and many buildings still do not have one. If that is your case, we can make an EPC for you and plan any interventions necessary.

Interior Design

We can give character to closed spaces like the inner of houses, offices or workplaces planning a good combination of furniture, light, style and decoration.

M&E Design

All the things we do, mechanical, electrical, heating, machinery, ventilation and so on, are also carefully planned by our engineers.

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