Fairfax House



We improved the hot water circuit and did plumping works and various fixes on multiple floors and we installed two new WC cubicles and two shower cubicles and we were also able to set everything up for an eventual third cubicle to be installed in the future.

Works involved

To complete this project we:

  • Decommissioned existing heating boilers, hot water cylinder,
    CWSC on the roof and their associate pipes; supplied and
    installed hot water heaters and thermostatic electric shower
    and certificated the installation, in the lower ground level;
  • Supplied and installed new booster set; run new boosted cold water main to the floors with its own independent isolation valve and reconnected to the existing system that provides water to the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor;
  • Provided plumbing services for 2 tea point (3 sinks)
    including the connection of the appliances, taps and sink and
    valve provision for hot water tap; connected to the hot water cylinder outlets to supply the water to café / break out area;
  • Accommodated all proposed below ground drainage utilising pneumatic breaking equipment and supply and install pumping station;
  • Carried out all the plumbing works in relation to the installation of the WCs cubicles, the shower cubicles and provision for a potential third one;
  • Supply garden tap and manhole refurbishment work;
  • Pipework insulation.

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Site location

Diamond House
Loriblu SPA