Diamond House



Our job was an extensive refurbishment on the ground floor, in particular we created a new WC block and installed a new hot and cold water and drainage system. In order to reach success we had to plan everything carefully, not only because of the multiple aspects we had to consider, but also because the building was in operation twenty hours a day.

Works involved

The finishes were to the highest of standards.

To complete this project we:

  • Fitted basement new underground drain and manhole;
  • Took care of the preparation works pre-strip out, including isolating services, in 4th and 5th floor, 1st fix drainage and plumbing services;
  • Provided 1 electric water heater per 2 WCs;
  • 2nd fix plumbing works;
  • Removed 1 safe, 2 hot water pipes, 1 cold water pipe from ceiling, redundant floor;
  • Worked on heating pipes in 4th floor.

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Site location

Sutherland House
Fairfax House