From offices to houses: the Parkview project in Bristol

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From offices to houses: the Parkview project in Bristol

We have been working for a few months now at Parkview, in Bristol. Parkview is a group of buildings on Whitchurch Lane, in Bristol. At the moment, this is the biggest permitted development project in the UK, so we are very proud of being part of it.

Before we started our works, Parkview was a 20,000 sqm large group of offices, just like many other buildings in the surrounding area. However, our client wanted to do something different, turning those offices into a housing complex.

Strip out phase

In order to do so, we have divided the works in two phases: demolition and building. The plan is to build 467 flats, divided in 259 studio flats, 10 one bedroom flats, and 198 two bedroom flats. However, not the whole building will be used immediately, as it has to be split in two parts: one doomed to be the housing complex we are talking about, and the other one that is going to be sold.

The building separation was actually a critical phase: we had to plan in accurately, in order to make sure none of the two parts were compromised, so the two parts of the building will be separated by a partition wall. Also, it was necessary to split the car park, which was another important issue, as it had to be done assuring a sufficient number of spots for the houses that are going to be built.

Once the split wall had been built, we started the strip-out works, by removing all the old office internal fittings.

Parkview Bristol worksAt the moment we write this post, we are approaching to the termination of demolition works and design completion.

Building phase

In this phase, we will work on the side of the building that will become a housing complex. The first thing we will do is a roof extension, as the building owner asked us to make an extra floor in order to build more flats. The building is very extended, so an extra floor is actually a challenge: it is not just the walls and the floor, but we also have to take into account the extra plumbing, heating system, electricity supply line, and internal decoration. After that, we will start an internal refurbishment. A lot of M&E works will be necessary, and it will be the most important part of the work: all flats will have to be usable, energy efficient, and well designed.

Parkview Bristol building

As the biggest permitted development in the UK, this project is the most important among those we are currently working on. The high number of flats to build is a challenge EMD wanted to take, because it is an important chance to do something outstanding and try new organisational methods. We had to deploy the whole team on this project, as various areas of expertise are involved, and our professionals have been very enthusiastic since the beginning.

The size of the building is also a big challenge for our company: working on such a far-flung space requires a high number of people and a large use of all kinds of machinery, especially for material transportation, but we have all the necessary means to accomplish the work with no difficulties. We predict to complete everything in the next 18 months.