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How natural stone is changing construction industry

Natural stone is used for interior design and external façades, giving buildings a natural appearance, in line with the current trends. However, it is not just a matter of appearance: natural stones offer a lot of advantages.

Natural stones are strong

All natural stones have a great resistance to high and low temperature, offering a good insulation, and they are waterproof too. This means that natural stone bricks do not warp or crack, and they do not let water in, so there will be no moisture and no mould. Eventually, moisture can occur inside grout lines, but it can be avoided with specific treatments and simple, but regular maintenance.

Natural stones are also good for making floors because of their resistance to wear caused by the continuous walking.

In the UK, natural stones such as marble and granite are used for a variety of purposes, like interior design in luxury accommodations, external pavements, balconies, pool areas, and outdoor spaces.

Natural stones are eco-friendly

Being natural by definition, natural stones are also a sustainable material to use, and if we think about its history, we find natural stones used since the dawn of times by ancient populations to build houses, cities, temples, pyramids, and so on.

Even if we look at production techniques, we can definitely say quarries are way more environment-friendly than cutting down trees to make wooden floors. Refinition processes also produce a little waste, but still less than other materials.

Moreover, as we said above, natural stones offer a good insulation, keeping the interior warm, with the consequence of lowering energy consumption and costs.

Natural stones are easy to clean

Natural stones are quite sensitive to acids (so if the floor in your kitchen is made of natural stone, be careful to citrus, vinegar, or tomato), but there are special protection treatments that make your natural stone surfaces totally oilproof.

Water and a gentle detergent are enough for a regular basic maintenance.

No aggressive detergents should be used: dark natural stones like slate risk to lose their peculiar colour.

The Natural Stone Show

On the 2nd of May the 2019 edition of the Natural Stone Show took place at the ExCel in London, and a lot of exhibitors came from all over the world to show their concept of natural stone architecture.

Before the show started, and thanks to the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK, our Sr. Project Architect, Paolo, and our CEO, Domenico, met a consortium of Apulian companies participating in the Show at the Royal Institute of British Architects, and together with the famous interior designer Vanessa Brady, we discussed about the UK construction industry, the recent trends, and the usage of natural stone for future projects.

At EMD Group we are very enthusiastic of this, because we had the chance to discuss about important matters like design and the future of construction industry. Natural stone has got what it takes to revolutionise the way we build our cities and homes.